Pogues in the Press

General Press:

Rhino Reissues

(2006, Rhino Press Release)

Re-masters And Tours

(2004, Warner Brothers Press Release)

The Radiators (Plan 9) “Television Screen 2004” announcement

(2004, 625 Records Press Release)

Pogues Kiss Off

(1996, The LA Times)
Misc. Stuff:

James Fearnley's Bloguemahone - Dispatches from the road

(2005-6, pogues.com)

Pogues guitarist calls farewell tour a 'marketing ploy'

(2010, The Guardian)

The Pogues and Irish Cultural Continuity

(2009, PopMatters)

The Pogues' Fairytale of New York

(2009, The Telegraph)

An Irishman's Diary (about Fairytale of New York)

(2009, The Irish Times)

Celtic Punks: The Pogues vs. Dropkick Murphys

(2008, Crawdaddy Magazine)

The Man, The Myth, The Legend (interview with Carol Clerk, the Pogues biographer)

(2008, The Irish Post)

Shamrock ‘n’ Roll: How The Irish Became The Pogues

(2007, Amusicology)

Rum, sodomy and on the lash (profile of Shane MacGowan)

(2007, Scotland On Sunday)

He might be a drunk and a bum but he still has that most precious of musical things - a unique and special legacy (profile of Shane MacGowan)

(2007, The Guardian)

The Pogues' Shane MacGowan cheerfully lives on the edge (profile of Shane MacGowan)

(2007, The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Fairytale of a fairytale (about Fairytale of New York and its censorship)

(2007, BBC)

Shane MacGowan: the voice of reason (about Fairytale of New York and its censorship)

(2007, The Guardian)

Bob Geldof writes of Ireland, culture, music, and The Pogues


Jem Finer wins first New Music Award

(2005, The Guardian)

MOJO Music Award

(2005, Mojo Magazine)

Shane MacGowan, the living miracle

(2004, Belfast Telegraph)

Pogues star is inspired by Bible John

(2004, The Herald)

Jem Makes a Statement


Eight Lads Putting on Airs

(1989, Time)
Book Excerpts:

Carol Clerk: Kiss My Arse: The Story of the Pogues


Jeffrey T. Roesgen: Rum, Sodomy & the Lash

Album/Video Reviews:

Just Look Them In The Eye... (The Pogues box set)

(2008, The Observer)

Just Look Them In The Eye... (The Pogues box set)

(2008, Uncut)

Just Look Them In The Eye... (The Pogues box set)

(2008, Manchester Evening News)

Just Look Them In The Eye... (The Pogues box set)

(2008, Pitchfork)

Just Look Them In The Eye... (The Pogues box set)

(2008, The Austin Chronicle)

Just Look Them In The Eye... (The Pogues box set)

(2008, The Times)

Just Look Them In The Eye... (The Pogues box set)

(2009, Punknews.org)

CD Review: The Pogues Rum Sodomy & The Lash

(2005, Blogcritics)

Essential Pogues

(1991, The Vancouver Sun)

Best of the Pogues

(1991, The Vancouver Sun)

Music Review: The Pogues — If I Should Fall From Grace With God

(2010, Blogcritics)

If I Should Fall From Grace With God

(1988, The Washington Post)

If I Should Fall From Grace With God

(1988, The Los Angeles Times)

If I Should Fall From Grace With God

(1988, Newsday)

If I Should Fall From Grace With God

(1988, The New York Times)

Peace And Love

(1989, The San José Mercury News)

Peace And Love

(1989, The Boston Globe)

Peace And Love

(1989, The San Diego Union-Tribune)

Peace And Love

(1989, People)

Peace And Love

(1989, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

Peace And Love

(1989, The Chicago Tribune)

Peace And Love

(1989, The Jeruselem Post)

Peace And Love

(1989, The Courier-Journal)

Hell's Ditch

(1990, The Boston Globe)

Hell's Ditch

(1990, The Courier Journal)

Hell's Ditch

(1991, People)

Live at the Town & Country

(1990, The Chicago Tribune)

Waiting for Herb

(1992, The San José Mercury News)

Waiting for Herb
(Off the Record: Brave New Pogues)

(1993, The Irish Voice)

Waiting for Herb
(A New Front Man Leads the Pogues)

(1993, Newsday)

Waiting for Herb

(1993, the St Louis Dispatch)

Waiting for Herb
(The Fighting Irish)

(1994, The Toronto Star)

Pogue Mahone

(1995, A whole slew of reviews)

Shane's The Snake

(1995, The Record)

Shane's The Snake compared to
the Pogues' Waiting for Herb

The Snake reviewed

(1995, The New Mexican)

The Snake

(1995, The Des Moines Register)

The Reunited Pogues (2004-present): Interviews

The Pogues Say 'A Parting Glass' U.S. Tour Is Their Last (with Spider Stacy)

(2011, Billboard.com)

Pogues plugging on, still getting their Irish up (with Philip Chevron)

(2011, nwi.com)

A round with Shane MacGowan {the poet}

(2010, Q Magazine)

Interview with ShaneMacGowan

(2010, Mojo Magazine)

Music interview: The Pogues (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, Yorkshire Evening Post)

It must be lav that keeps The Pogues playing live (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, Sheffield Telegraph)

Talk Time (with Philip Chevron)

(2009, The Irish Times)

The Pogues party on this Christmas (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, whatsonne.co.uk)

Pogues Q&A (with Philip Chevron)

(2009, Blogofneworleans.com)

The Pogues Aren't The Drinkers They Once Were. Well, For The Most Part. (with James Fearnley)

(2009, Dallas Observer)

The Pogues return to Austin after 2 decades (with Philip Chevron)

(2009, Austin360.com)

Unpredictable Pogues (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, Oregonlive.com)

The Pogues continue to defy punk-rocker odds (with Philip Chevron)

(2009, The Houston Chronicle)

Q&A with Philip Chevron of the Pogues

(2009, Denver Westword)

The Pogues now older, wiser, better (with James Fearnley)

(2009, The Kansas City Star)

Extended Q&A with The Pogues’ Spider Stacy

(2009, Willamette Week)

The Pogues - Voodoo 2009 (with James Fearnley)

(2009, Tigerweekly)

Jem Finer on bowls, Longplayer and life with the Pogues

(2009, The Times)

Shane MacGowan sings the Blues at Liverpool Echo Arena (with Shane MacGowan)

(2009, Liverpool Echo)

Club Owner to Pogues:"You'll never play Baltimore again." (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, Baltimore magazine)

Pogues' Fearnley and Shane MacGowan are like 'old couple' (with James Fearnley)

(2009, Irish Central)

‘Enough people know who we are to keep us happy’ (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

Q&A With Terry Woods of the Pogues

(2009, Miami New Times)

The Irish rovers (with Philip Chevron)

(2009, the Boston Phoenix)

Best of the Pogues (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, Metro International)

The Pogues, rockin' since 1982, mellow with time (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, NorthJersey.com)

The Jig Ain’t Up (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, Stomp And Stammer)

The Pogues Roll Triumphantly On (with Spider Stacy and James Fearnley)

(2009, The Village Voice)

After the fall (with Spider Stacy)

(2009, Metromix)

Fifty not out (with Shane MacGowan)

(2008, The Irish Post)

Five minutes with a Pogue (with Spider Stacy)

(2008, The Journal)

Hoist a pint! The Pogues return again! (with Terry Woods)

(2008, JimSullivanINK.com)

Regrets? They've Had a Few... (with Terry Woods)

(2008, Baltimore City Paper)

The Pogues: Back In The Graces Of God (with Spider Stacy)

(2008, Illinois Entertainer)

Pogues Once Again, Straight Up (with Terry Woods)

(2008, Irish Voice)

MacGowan exclusive (with Shane MacGowan)

(2007, The Mirror)

The Jig Is Up (with Darryl Hunt)

(2007, Daily Trojan)

The Pogues reunited: Still driving their audiences 'completely fucking mental' (with Spider Stacy)

(2007, ConcertLiveWire)

Ain’t That a Shane. Rum? Sodomy? Whipass! (with Philip Chevron)

(2007, Philadelphia Weekly)

The Importance of Being a Pogue (with Philip Chevron)

(2007, Irish Voice)

Celtic Pride (with Spider Stacy and Terry Woods)

(2007, New York Post)

The Pogues Are Pumped! (with Philip Chevron)

(2007, Irish Examiner)

A Ramble Through the Mind of the Pogues’ Poet (with Shane MacGowan)

(2007, The New York Times)

Interview with Cáit O'Riordan

(2007, The Irish Times Magazine)

Dry and mighty: Reformed Pogues return reckless, not wrecked (with James Fearnley)

(2007, The Boston Herald)

Back on track (with Cáit O’Riordan)

(2005, RTE guide)

Fairytale reunion (with ShaneMacGowan and Jem Finer)

(2005, The Scotsman)

If You Do Fairytale Of New York, You Have to Dance with Me and Kirsty (with ShaneMacGowan)

(2005, The Daily Record)

Where it all fell apart: Pogues return to Japan (with Jem Finer)

(2005, Asahi Shimbun)

Pogues to return with MacGowan in tow (with Spider Stacy)

(2005, Daily Yomiuri)

Living the fairytale (with Shane MacGowan)

(2005, The Scotsman)

The Pogues are back (with Philip Chevron)

(2005, News.com.au)

Dirty old men (with Terry Woods)

(2005, South Wales Echo)

A very unlikely fairytale (with Shane MacGowan, Jem Finer and Spider Stacy)

(2005, The Telegraph)

I did it for Ireland and the Money, nothing else (with Shane MacGowan)

(2004, HotPress)

Punk and Disorderly (with Shane MacGowan, Spider Stacy and Terry Woods)

(2004, Daily Mirror)

Old habits die hard (with Shane MacGowan and Terry Woods)

(2004, The Guardian)

Pogues return on tour and albums (with Spider Stacy)

(2004, BBC)

The Ninth Life of the Pogues (with the Pogues)

(2004, Word Magazine)

The Legend Continues (with The Legend Continues)

(2004, Irish World)

The Reunited Pogues (2004-present): Gig reviews

December 2010 UK & Ireland Tour

Review: The Pogues (Dublin)

(2010, The Irish Independent)

The Pogues, o2 Academy, Glasgow (Glasgow)

(2010, Herald Scotland)

Gig Review: The Pogues (Glasgow)

(2010, The Scotsman)

Review: The Pogues, O2 Academy, Newcastle (Newcastle)

(2010, Evening Chronicle)

Review: The Pogues at Newcastle 02 Academy (Newcastle)

(2010, The Journal)

The Pogues, O2 Academy, Newcastle (Newcastle)

(2010, The Shields Gazette)

The Pogues / Sparrow And The Workshop, 02 Academy Sheffield (Sheffield)

(2010, eGigs.co.uk)

The Pogues, Sheffield O2 Academy (Sheffield)

(2010, The Star)

The Pogues at 02 Brixton Academy, London reviewed (London)

(2010, Beehive City)

The Pogues, O2 Academy Brixton, review (London)

(2010, The Telegraph)

The Pogues, Brixton Academy, London (London)

(2010, The Independent)

December 2009 UK & Ireland Tour

Review: The Pogues, O2 Academy, Newcastle (Newcastle)

(2009, whatsonne.co.uk)

Reveiw: The Pogues at Newcastle O2 Academy (Newcastle)

(2009, The Journal)

Gig review: The Pogues (Glasgow)

(2009, The Scotsman)

Gig review: The Pogues @ Apollo, Manchester (Manchester)

(2009, The Citizen)

The Pogues @ Manchester Apollo, 13 Dec (Manchester)

(2009, The Skinny)

The Pogues (Manchester)

(2009, City Life)

Gig review: The Pogues at Leeds 02 Academy (Leeds)

(2009, Yorkshire Evening Post)

Artists: The Pogues (Leeds)

(2009, The Huddersfield Daily Examiner)

The Pogues / The King Blues (London)

(2009, eGigs.co.uk)
Fall 2009 US Tour

Pogues and Gogol Bordello pack the Marquee with punks (Tempe)

(2009, Azcentral.com)

Over the weekend: The Pogues at the Ogden Theatre (Denver)

(2009, Denver Westword)

The Pogues provide a memorable night (Kansas City)

(2009, The Kansas CityStar)

Live Reivew: Pogues at Stubb’s (Austin)

(2009, Austin360.com)

Pogues stir up a big fiesta (Houston)

(2009, The Houston Chronicle)

The Pogues rock; Shane MacGowan sort of sways (New Orleans)

(2009, Nola)
Summer 2009 Festivals

Review: The Pogues/Echo Arena, Liverpool (Liverpool Summer Pops Festival)

(2009, Liverpool Daily Post)

Summer Pops Review: The Pogues - Liverpool's ECHO arena (Liverpool Summer Pops Festival)

(2009, Liverpool Echo)

Splendour: The Pogues (Splendour Festival)

(2009, Thisisnottingham.co.uk)
March 2009 US Tour

Saturday Night: The Pogues at Pompano Beach Amphitheater (Miami)

(2009, Miami New Times)

Beer, Brawls and Potcheen-doused Brilliance (Atlanta)

(2009, Paste Magazine)

Pogues still standing (sort of) (New York)

(2009, Albany Student Press)

Shane MacGowan, you can pogue mo thoin! (New York)

(2009, Irish Central)

Streams of Whiskey: The Pogues @ The 9:30 Club (Washington DC)

(2009, DCist)

A Salute to the Dissolute Pogues (Washington DC)

(2009, The Washington Post)

Pogues’ MacGowan offers up bittersweet ‘Whiskey’ (Boston)

(2009, The Boston Herald)

Sober reality: Pogues’ music soars, but words lost (Boston)

(2009, The Patriot Ledger)

Pogues' MacGowan is in rare form (Boston)

(2009, The Boston Globe)

The Pogues bring tour to a close in Boston (Boston)

(2009, Boston Music Spotlight)
December 2008 UK & Ireland Tour

The Pogues, Academy, Leeds (Leeds)

(2008, The Independent)

Review: The Pogues ***** (Leeds)

(2008, Yorkshire Post)

The Pogues, Carling Academy, Newcastle (Newcastle)

(2008, The Shields Gazette)

Pogues whip up a festive storm (Newcastle)

(2008, The Journal)

The Pogues / Urban Voodoo Machine / DJ Scratchy (Newcastle)

(2008, eGigs.co.uk)

Live Review: The Pogues & The Stranglers - MEN Arena (Manchester)

(2008, The Bolton News)

A Fairytale in Manchester (Manchester)

(2008, The Bolton News)

The Pogues (Manchester)

(2008, City Life)

Gig Review - The Pogues (Bristol)

(2008, Suit Yourself Magazine)

The Pogues: Carling Academy (Bristol)

(2008, Crackerjack)

'We will continue to pay to see Shane MacGowan, provided he does his job' (London)

(2008, The Independent)

The Pogues, Brixton Academy, London (London)

(2008, The Independent)

Shane MacGowan's fall from grace (London)

(2008, Evening Standard)

The Pogues at Brixton Academy, SW9 (London)

(2008, The Times)

Songs and merriment but not a drink in sight (Dublin)

(2008, The Irish Independent)
Summer 2008 Festivals

The Pogues (T in the Park)

(2008, Pertshire Advertiser)

T in the Park: The Pogues review (T in the Park)

(2008, The Scotsman)

The Pogues make an emotional homecoming at Oxegen (Oxegen)

(2008, NME)
March 2008 US Tour

Pogues Deliver Two Solid Nights at The Riv (Chicago)

(2008, Lumino Magazine)

Lightning strikes twice in Chicago with The Pogues (Chicago)

(2008, ConcertLiveWire.com)

An energetic and spirited set of hits from the troubled legends (Chicago)

(2008, UR Chicago Magazine Online)

Pogues late to the party, but don't disappoint (Chicago)

(2008, The South Town Star)

Pogues' lead singer delivers a bumpy night (Chicago)

(2008, Chicago Sun-Times)

Pogues Can Never, Ever Retire! (New York)

(2008, Irish Voice)

Potent pub rock from the Pogues (Boston)

(2008, The Boston Globe)

Pulled-together Pogues impress (Boston)

(2008, The Boston Heralde)

Celtic punk rockers the Pogues still have it (Boston)

(2008, The Patriot Ledger)
December 2007 UK & Ireland Tour

First Night: The Pogues, Carling Academy, Glasgow (Glasgow)

(2007, The Independent)

The Pogues, Carling Academy, Glasgow (Glasgow)

(2007, The Scotsman)

Review: The Pogues at Newcastle Carling Academy (Newcastle)

(2007, The Journal)

Review: The Pogues, Nottingham Arena (Nottingham)

(2007, Thisisnottingham.co.uk)

The Pogues @ Manchester Central (Manchester)

(2007, Manchester Evening News)

The Pogues @ Manchester Central (Manchester)

(2007, Manchester Evening News)

REVIEW: The Pogues (Manchester)

(2007, The Bolton News)

Caught Live: The Pogues (London)

(2007, The Sun)

The Pogues: Booze, cheers and an irresistible racket (London)

(2007, The Telegraph)

Caught Live: The Pogues (London)

(2007, The Mirror)

Fairytale ending brings the house down (Dublin)

(2007, The Irish Independent)
Fall 2007 US Tour

A Rainy Night in Sodo (Seattle)

(2007, The Stranger)

The Pogues deliver an unsteady show in their return to O.C. (Anaheim)

(2007, The Orange County Register)
March 2007 US Tour

The Pogues Recapture Their Fire In Chicago (Chicago)

(2007, Billboard)

Two decades on, the reunited Pogues still as relevant as ever (Chicago)

(2007, ConcertLiveWire)

Walk in on your feet, leave on your back (Chicago)

(2007, Chicago Reader)

A healthier MacGowan makes for a stronger Pogues (Boston)

(2007, The Boston Globe)

Pogues’ MacGowan parties on (Boston)

(2007, The Boston Herald)

In the moment (Boston)

(2007, The Phoenix)

Pogues get their Irish up (Boston)

(2007, The Patriot Ledger)

Polished Pogues Shine Anew (Boston)

(2007, The Arts Fuse)

Concert Review: The Pogues at The Orpheum Theater (Boston)

(2007, Blogcritics.org)

How Close Is Too Close to Shane MacGowan and the Pogues? (New York)

(2007, The New York Times)

The Pogues (New York)

(2007, ReadJunk.com)

Marty Lipp checks in on The Pogues, on CD and in concert (New York)

(2007, Roots World)

The Pogues (Philadelphia)

(2007, The Morning Call)

MacGowan and Pogues: Mighty smooth (Philadelphia)

(2007, The Inquirer)
December 2004 UK & Ireland Tour

The Pogues / The Saw Doctors (Manchester MEN)

(2004, Designer Magazine)

The rover's welcome return (Brixton Academy)

(2004, Metro)

The Point, Dublin

(2004, HotPress)

From Fiasco to Fairytale (Brixton)

(2004, The Evening Standard)

Brixton Academy

(2004, LAUNCH, Music on Yahoo!)

Waltzing MacGowan (Brixton)

(2004, The Observer)

Pogues are Back In Town (Brixton)

(2004, MegaStar)

Brixton Academy

(2004, The Independent)

Brixton Academy

(2004, The Financial Times)

Beauty and the Bleary (Brixton Academy)

(2004, The Telegraph)

Brixton Academy

(2004, The Times)

Brixton Academy

(2004, The Guardian)

The Pogues with support from The Saw Doctors (Manchester MEN)

(2005, Contactmusic.com)

Alehouse Rock (Manchester)

(2005, Mojo Magazine)

Manchester MEN

(2005, Ska Punk & Other Junk)

The Pogues Glasgow

(2005, The Irish Post)

Dead Man Rocking

(2004, spike)

The Pogues @ The Academy

(2004, BBC)

There's life in the old dog yet

(2004, Ireland on Sunday)

Pantomime of past glories

(2004, The Herald)

The Pogues @ Newcastle Arena

(2004, BBC)

Arena Gig a Great Jig (Newcastle)

(2004, Evening Chronical, Trinity Mirror Plc.)
Fan travelogues/reviews

A Rainy Night in Moscow

(2010, Zuzana)

Travelpogue, or Step In Time Pogues

(2005-6, Sheva)

Travelpogue, or The Rocky Road to Birmingham

(2005, pjje aka firehazard)

Travelpogue, or Memories to Anticipation

(2006, Derelict81)

Travelpogue, or Time After Time

(2006, kmurray105)

The classic Pogues (1982-1996): Interviews/Concert Hype

The Reformation of That Irish Band From England: The Pogues (interview with Darryl Hunt)

(???, Music Monitor)

Punk not proper brogue

(1986, The Chicago Tribune)

Twist of Punk

(1986, The Chicago Tribune)

Pogues Octet Not All
It's Cranked Up to Be

(1986, The Los Angeles Times)

The Pogues add Clash to folk tunes

(1987, The San José Mercury News)

Pogues Add Irish Passion

(1987, The Chicago Tribune)

THE POGUES, The Fillmore, San Francisco

(1988, Melody Maker)

The Pogues open for Dylan

(1989, San José Mercury News)

Mainstreaming with the Pogues

(1989, Newsday)

Pogues throw more in the mix

(1989, The Boston Globe)

Sharpened Pogues to open for Dylan

(1989, The Los Angeles Times)

Pogues Stir Discontent Without Lead Singer

(1989, The Los Angeles Times)

Pogues/Femmes: Post-Pink Ideals

(1989, The Boston Globe)

1990 Palladium Hype

(1990, The New York Times)

The Pogues, Wembley Arena

(1990, The Times)

Drowning in Drink and Tears

(1990, the Independant)

Punk-Rock Find a Homeland in Ireland

(1990, The New York Times)

Bark & Bite: Review of Boston, 1991 Concert

(1991, The Boston Globe)

Question Pogues Wisdom, Not Guts

(1991, The Toronto Star)

Pogues Touring Without Singer/Songwriter MacGowan

(1991, The Boston Globe)

Strummer Takes Charge

(1991, The Irish Voice)

Pogues Get Their Irish Up

(1991, The Chicago Tribune)

Joe Strummer stands in

(1991, The San José Mercury News)

Publicity for Warfield show/Pseudo-Interview with Spider Stacy

(1991, The San José Mercury News)

1991 Warfield Concert Reviewed

(1991, The San José Mercury News)

Pogues Carry on at Warfield

(1991, The San Francisco Chronicle)

MacGowan reels from life on the Rock Road

(1991, The Vancouver Sun)

Pogues Play Safe

(1991, The Daily Telegraph)

Taming of the Crew

(1991, The Times)

The Pogues at the Wiltern

(1991, The Hollywood Reporter)

The Pogues Push Style Into Hyperdrive

(1991, The Los Angeles Times)

Publicity for 1994 Boston Show/Pseudo-Interview with Spider Stacey

(1994, The Boston Globe)

1994 Boston Concert Reviewed

(1994, The Boston Globe)

Publicity for Warfield Show/Pseudo-Interview with Philip Chevron

(1994, The San José Mercury News)

Lacks Their Luster

(1994, Newsday)

The Pogues Move On

(1994, The Gazette (Montreal))

Publicity for Vancouver show

(1994, The Vancouver Sun)

Up for It Again (MacGowan interview/concert hype)

(1994, The Evening Standard)

Off the Record: Don't Give Up the Ghost MacGowan concert review)

(1994, The Irish Voice)

Pop: God's Slot(MacGowan concert review)

(1994, The Observer)

Power and the Passion of the Fleadh (MacGowan concert review)

(1994, the Guardian)

By the Skin of His Teeth (MacGowan concert review)

(1994, the Independent)

Up-to-Date Tradition

(1994, the New York Times)

Boos for the Boss (MacGowan concert review)

(1995, The Irish Voice)

Shane MacGowan back with Sound and Fury (MacGowan concert review)

(1995, The Boston Globe)

Shane MacGowan & the Popes (MacGowan concert review)

(1995, The Boston Irish Reporter)

Musing of an Irish Survivor (MacGowan concert review)

(1995, The New York Times)

Oh, What a Shane! (MacGowan concert review)

(1995, The Toronto Sun)

Teetering with Poetry (MacGowan concert review)

(1995, The Chicago Tribune)

Brash, Breezy, Woozy MacGowan (MacGowan concert review)

(1995, The Boston Globe)

A Conversation with Darryl Hunt

(1996, Good Times)

He May Be Sober, But He's All Pogue

(1996, Vancouver Sun)

English and Irish Insolence (Interview with Darryl Hunt)

(1996, Suburban & Wayne Times)

The Pogues: One for the Cheek(s)

(1996, The Island Ear)

All the Poop That's Fit to Shovel

(1996, Chart Magazine)

No Pain Without Shane

(1996, Canadian Online Explorer)

The Pogues' Scruffy Splendour

(1996, The Boston Globe)

Fighting for the Heart and Soul of the Pogues

(1996, The Boston Irish Reporter)

Let's Hoist a Pint

(1996, The Calgary Herald)

Some Things Never Change

(1996, The New York Times)

Stacey Engineers Another Pogues Comeback

(1996, The Irish Voice)

The classic Pogues (1982-1996): Interviews/Articles:

MacGowan on the Couch

(1985, Melody Maker)

American Rockers Don't Mind the Mixture

(1986, The Christian Science Monitor)

Celtic Swingers

(???, Melody Maker)

It's a Long Way from Tipperary

(1985, Melody Maker)

NME Talks To...

(1989, NME Magazine)

Pogues Draw from Ancient Sources

(1989, San Diego Union-Tribune)

An interview with Shane MacGowan

(from the Friends of Shane newsletter)

James Fearnley

(1991, The Toronto Star)

Can the Pogues Live Without Their Leader?

(1991, Newsday)

In Your Ear

(1992, The Daily Yomiuri)

Off the Record: Brave New Pogues

(1993, The Irish Voice)

A New Front Man Leads the Pogues

(1993, Newsday)

Off the Record: Meet the New Boss

(1993, The Boston Irish Reporter)

Mr. Liverman: An interview with Shane MacGowan

(1994, Loaded Magazine)

The Fighting Irish

(1994, The Toronto Star)

Off The Record: Pogues to Split?

(1994, The Irish Voice)

Pogues Pick up Pieces

(1994, Boston Herald)

Pogues Have Passed the Test of Time

(1994, The Calgary Herald)

The Year in Irish Rock

(1995, The Boston Irish Reporter)

Taking the Lowe Road

(1995, The Boston Globe)

End for the Pogues

(1996, The Addict)

Shane's Last Laugh

(1996, Daily Mirror)
Pogues Mentioned in Passing:

An interview with Tom Jones

Straight to Hell

(1987, The Boston Globe)

The Death of Rock, or Bobby Versus Mr. Gorgenchuck

(Kids in the Hall)

MacIsaac Fiddles with Tradition

(1995, The Vancouver Courier)

Elvis Costello Biography (RykoDisc)

(1996, RykoDisc)

Richard Thompson

(1992, Rock'n'Reel)

It's Pure Drinkin' Music (Mahones)

(1994, Calgary Herald)

Craig Leon Interview

(1996, David Brazier)

Rock Wives

(1996, Daily Mail)

Low & Sweet Orchestra
Looking for Voice to match Vision

(1997, Los Angeles Times)
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