Pogues Are Back In Town (London)

Publication: MegaStar

Author: Phil Kemp

Date: December 24, 2004

Section: News

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Shane MacGowan is SOBER!

We lied. Thought that'd catch your eye, though.

The Pogues much-vaunted reunion gigs this Christmas come under the Times' spotlight, with the Irish music legends getting the crowds in a sweat-soaked crumpled mess this week at London's Brixton Academy and The Point in Dublin.

Speaking of sweat-soaked crumpled messes, that's enough about the mighty MacGowan's bulgy, toothless alco-face.

With a gob more resembling the unkempt corners of Highgate Cemetery by the day, the Times reviewer of the Pogues' first Brixton show says the "state of (his) mouth obscured his eloquent, if inelegant lyrics".

Big news, lady fans, of the returning Cait O'Riordan, the ex Mrs Elvis Costello and the band's original bass player, who left them at their peak in 1986.

The Times hack says she's now dead foxy in a Chrissie Hynde sort of way.

And in the absence of the late Kirsty MacColl, Cait and Shane duetted at the end on "the Official Favourite Christmas Song of All Time".

No need to say what that Pogues song is. But here's a clue: Noddy Holder wasn't involved - nor bleeding' Cliff.

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