Publication: The Boston Globe
Date Printed: Thursday, August 31, 1989
Section: Calander
Page: 8
By: Jim Sullivan, Globe Staff

More madness, mayhem and magic from England's finest Irish folk/punk rock band? Sure. And more. This album finds the group again roaming expansive musical terrain. There's the startling big-band, jazz/spy movie music intro of ''Gridlock,'' a foray into semi-calypso with an infectious, joyous, dread- filled ''Blue Heaven.'' Main songwriter and slurry singer Shane MacGowan steps back a bit. Multi-instrumentalist Terry Woods takes a couple of writing and lead vocal turns. Guitarist Philip Chevron also wrote and sang on two. Both handle the tasks well, providing a contrast with MacGowan's bark. Producer Steve Lillywhite continues to display a deft, sympathetic touch with the Pogues. The band blends cynicism and romanticism with lilting, uplifting songs about oft sorry subjects. The Pogues retain the spirit and spark.

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