Publication: The Addict
Date Printed: August 4, 1996

The year that has seen the Sex Pistols reform now marks the end of another great band. First Siouxsie and the Banshees split, then X called it a day. Now the Pogues, that English combo who formed in 1982 and delivered a punk take on Irish folk music, have called it quits. They played a farewell concert in London last week, the L. A. Times reports today, that included an appearance by former band-leader Shane MacGowan, who had left the group in 1991. The group that finally called it quits contained few original members, as many of them had, one by one, departed in years past. Band manager Andy Bernstein told the Times: "They were initially gong to take a year's break. But with [banjo player Jem Finer] leaving, if one more had left they've be down to just one original member, so it might be better to make it a new project with a new angle."

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