Pogues Singles

Some effort has been made to put these in chronological release order. Since some singles were released in Europe, and then released in the US at a later date, it may appear as though an entry is repeated. It's not.

A great amount of detail has come from Olivier Cotton. Great Thanks go to him.

7" Dark Streets Of London/ And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda

Initial Limited Edition (234) 7" with white label and sleeve, labeled with "Pog Mo Thoin" sticker

Pogue Mahone Records PM1
(7", May 1984)
Stiff BUY207

(June 1984)

7" Boys From The County Hell (no swearing) / Repeal Of The Licensing Laws

Stiff BUY212 (7")
Stiff DJ212 (promo)

(October 1984)

7" A Pair Of Brown Eyes / Whiskey You're The Devil
12" Muirshin Dirkin

Stiff BUY220 (7", 7" Picture Disc & 12")

(March 1985)

There was also a limited double-pack with Boys from the County Hell.

7" Sally MacLennane / Wild Rover (acoustic)
12" & Cass. The Leaving Of Liverpool (accoustic)

Stiff BUY224 (7", 7" Poster Sleeve, 7" Picture Disc, 12" & Cassette)

(June 1985)

7" Dirty Old Town / A Pistol For Paddy Garcia
12" The Parting Glass

Stiff BUY229 (7", 7" Picture Disc, Limited 7" Pic. Disc with Poster, 12", Limited 12" with Poster, & French promo with alternate sleeve)

(August 1985)

All formats London Girl / A Rainy Night in Soho / The Body of an American / Planxty Noel Hill

Stiff BUY243 (7", 7" Picture Disc, 12", 12" Picture Disc, casette, Canada CD single, US12")

(February 1986)

7" Haunted (Cait O'Riordan on vocals)/ Junk Theme
12" Hot Dogs With Everything

MCA1084 (7" & 12")

(August 1986)

 7" The Irish Rover/ The Rare Ould Mountain Dew
12" The Dubliners Fancy (without Pogues)

Stiff BUY258 (7' & 12")

(March 1987)

with the Dubliners

7" & Cassette Fairytale Of New York/ Battle March Medley
12" & CD5 Shanne Bradley

Pogue Mahone NY7 (7")
Pogue Mahone NYG7 (7" Foldout)
Pogue Mahone NY12 (12", casette)
Pogue Mahone CDNY1 (CD5)

(November 1987)

with Kirsty Macoll

7" If I Should Fall From Grace With God/ Sally MacLennane (live)
12" & CD5 A Pair Of Brown Eyes(live)

Pogue Mahone FG1 (7" in Black, Red, Green and White Vinyl)
Pogue Mahone FG12 (12" in Black and Red Vinyl)
Pogue Mahone CDFG1 (CD5)

(February 1988)

Green and white cover, St. Patricks Day 17th March 1988
Limited edition Australian 7" & 12"

7" Fiesta/ Sketches Of Spain
12" & CD5 South Australia
FMaxi Sally MacLennane (Live)/ A Pair of Brown Eyes (Live)

Pogue Mahone FG2 (7")
Pogue Mahone FG212 (12")

(July 1988)

Australian 12" Limited Edition
French issues with different cover & B-side: 7", 7" Fold-out sleeve, 12" Maxi, CD5

7" Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah/ The Limerick Rake
12" Honky Tonk Woman
CD3 Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah (Long version)

WEA YZ355T (7")
WEA YZ355T (12")


US 12" Promo, 7" Australian limited edition

7" Misty Morning, Albert Bridge/ Cotton Fields/ Young Ned of the Hill
12" Young Ned of the Hill (Dub Version)
CD3 Train of Love

WEA YZ407 (7")
WEA YZ407X (7" Foldout sleeve)
WEA YZ407T (12")
WEA YZ407TW (12" with photo print)


7" White City/ Everyman Is A King
12", CD3 & Cass. The Star Of County Down
12" Lmtd. Maggie May (live)

WEA YZ409 (7")
WEA YZ409T (12")
WEA YZ409T? (12" limited edition with stickers)
WEA YZ409? (Cassette)


7" Summer In Siam/ The Bastard Landlord
12" & CD5 Hell's Ditch (instrumental) / The Irish Rover (7" version, with the Dubliners)

WEA YZ519 (7")
WEA YZ519T (12")


7" Jack's Heroes / Whiskey In The Jar
12", CD5 & DAT Whiskey In The Jar (extended version)

WEA YZ500 (7")
WEA YZ500T (12")
??? (German DAT)


with the Dubliners

CD5 Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah,Yeah (Long Version)/ Honky Tonk Woman/ Jack's Heroes/ Whiskey In A Jar [sic] (Long Version)

Island 422-846 723-2 (CD5)


US Release

7", 12" & CD5 Miss Otis Regrets/Just One of those Things

Chrysalis CHS 73629 (7")
Chrysalis CHS 123629 (12")
Chrysalis CHS CD73629 (CD5)


("B" side is Aztec Camera performing Do I Love You)

A Rainy Night in Soho (Remix) / London Girl/ The Body of an American/ Planxty Noel Hill

WEA YZ603 (7")
WEA YZ603T (12")


7" Sayonara/ Curse of Love
12" & CD5 Infinity

WEA YZ548 (7")
WEA YZ548T (12")


7" A Rainy Night in Soho (Remix) / Squid Out Of Water
12" Infinity
CD ???

WEA YZ603 (7")
WEA YZ603T (12")


Note: I'm not sure that this was released on CD. Can anyone verify?

7" Fairytale Of New York/ Fiesta (7" only)
12" & CD5 A Pair Of Brown Eyes (live)/ The Sick Bed Of Cuchulainn (live)/ Maggie May (live)

WEA YZ628 (7")
WEA YZ628T (12")

(November, 1991)

CD5, Cassingle (B-side) In and Out

Picture This

C11067 (Cassingle)
D11067 (CD5)


Note: Technically this isn't a Pogues single. The A-side is Mark Seymour and Paul Kelley with Hey Boys.

7" Honky Tonk Women [sic]/ Curse of Love
12" & CD5 Infinity
CD5 The Parting Glass

WEA YZ673 (7")
WEA YZ673T (12")


Note: Ironically, this disc was released after Shane had left the Pogues, but contains MacGowan penned tracks.

CD5 Tuesday Morning/ First Day of Forever / Turkish Song Of The Damned (Live)

WEA YZ758-1 (?) (7")
WEA YZ758T1 (?) (12")
WEA YZ758CD1 (CD5)

Disk 1 of 2


Note: I am unsure of the catalogue number(s) for the vinyl and the track contents for the vinyl. Please email me if you can provide detail.

CD5 Tuesday Morning/ London Calling (live)/ I Fought the Law (live)

WEA YZ758-2 (?) (7")
WEA YZ758T2 (?) (12")
WEA YZ758CD2 (CD5)

Disk 2 of 2


Note: I am unsure of the catalogue number(s) for the vinyl and the track contents for the vinyl. Please email me if you can provide detail.

CD5 OnceUpon A Time/ Train Kept Rolling On / Paris St Germain/ Tuesday Morning

WEA YZ771 (7")
WEA YZ771T (12")


Note: I am unsure of the catalogue number(s) for the vinyl and the track contents for the vinyl. Please email me if you can provide detail.

7" How Come/ Eyes of an Angel
CD5 Tuesday Morning (live)/ Big City (live)

WEA WEA011 (7")
WEA WEA011X (7" Green Vinyl)
WEA WEA011T (12")


Love You 'Til the End

Note: This single was the next to be released from the Pogue Mahone album, but never was released. If you are able to find any detail about this single I would appreciate the information.

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