Jamie Clarke

Born: 1964
Instruments (with the Pogues): Guitar, Vocals
The Pogues member: 1994-1996
Jamie Clarke, guitarist and singer/songwriter, was born in 1964 in the middle of nowhere and destined to go places. Moved to Camden, the heart of London and the centre of the music world in 1987. He started his career with 80's poptastic Innocence Lost and ended up touring the world with The Pogues in the 90's, replacing Philip Chevron on guitar, and playing on and writing a song for their "Pogue Mahone" Album. In 1997 he formed Perfect, the band he's been playing with in different line ups ever since.

Perfect are currently playing with Toby Lee Roth on accordion and Bjoern Again on drums. An additional banjo played by Pierre Lavendel puts even more rockabilly-like flavour to Perfect's sound - folkabillie rock. Perfect have successfully played more than 1200 concerts all over the world. Their live show is a mixture of their own material and Pogues classics and tradionals all played at breakneck speeds.

They have released 7 CDs; their most recent album, "You Drove Me To It", was released in December 2007.

Taken & adapted from Jamie Clarke’s Perfect website

Jamie Clarke’s photo gallery at Pogues.com

Jamie Clarke’s websites:
http://www.homeofperfect.de, http://www.myspace.com/jamieclarkesperfect

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